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About Halifax County

Halifax County, NC, is a county on the southern side of the Roanoke River. The County Seat of Halifax County is Halifax. Other communities in Halifax County include the city of Roanoke Rapids, and the towns of Enfield, Hobgood, Littleton, Scotland Neck, Weldon. Halifax County’s flat agricultural terrain and open roads makes it sometimes easy for motorists to be unaware that they are going above the speed limit, especially when driving through a reduced speed limit zone.

Getting pulled over and being given a speeding ticket is obviously not a pleasant experience, but we will work closely with you to make sure it is resolved as satisfactorily as possible.

What You Should Do Next

First, don’t get anxious. We have experience handling speeding tickets in Halifax County. The County Courthouse is in the County Seat of Halifax, where we regularly handle cases for our clients. Working with us, you may not have to appear in court for most speeding cases —usually a Waiver of Appearance will be accepted by the Court from us on your behalf.

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Halifax County, North Carolina Halifax County, North Carolina (Map courtesy of Google Maps)