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Speeding ticket
Posted by anonymous
October 23, 2017

We were extremely happy with Mr. Dixon’s services. He contacted us personally several times and he and his office were responsive throughout the process. We could not appear since we are out of state and he took care of everything. The case was resolved better than we were expecting. Definitely worth the cost!

Great firm
Posted by Alex
October 2, 2017 

Everything was good. I didn’t have to leave my home. Everything was done through email or online. I was helped in a timely manner. Couldn’t ask for better representation.

Very Impressed
Posted by anonymous
September 22, 2017

I used Dixon and Thompson law to resolve a speeding ticket that I received. After filling out the online form I received a call from Mr. Dixon within an hour to provide a free consultation. The fees were very reasonable and the ticket was reduced beyond my expectations ahead of the scheduled court date.

If you are trying to get a speeding ticket reduced this is your guy!

Speeding ticket
Posted by Steve
September 16, 2017

 Mr. Dixon got my speeding ticket reduced to an improper equipment. Go team Dixon!

Great Attorney
Posted by Sandy
September 14, 2017

I was 2-3 hours from my destination and home. I got a speeding ticket that could have resulted in nothing good for me due to not checking speedometer while checking mirrors. I received an advertisement from the law office, was treated great they took my case from there. The result was so much more than I hoped for. Thank you so much! I will use them again and recommend to everyone! 

Traffic Summons
Posted by Bob
August 23, 2017 

We had received a Traffic Summons in an area that was designed for such Summons, we immediately reached out to Attorney Dixon’s office for assistance. Our initial contact was with Gray who was a complete professional and explained to us in detail how we would be dealing without current situation. Within an hour of our first conversation Attorney Dixon also called and reconfirmed what Gray had told us. We engaged the firms assistance.

Speeding ticket
Posted by Susan
July 28, 2017 

I live in TN, but was visiting family in the Outer Banks on May 15th, 2017 when I got a speeding ticket (my first). I was informed by the officer that I would have to appear or be represented at court proceeding. My brother-in-law is an attorney in TN, so I asked him what to do. He contacted Mr. Dixon’s office about representing me. After his discussion, he gave me Mr. Dixon’s number and I asked that he represent me. His office staff were very helpful in walking me through the process. I was very pleased with his representation and the court outcome. Should I ever need his services again, I would not hesitate to contact him again. I have family in NC and would definitely recommend him should they need legal help.

The best
Posted by anonymous
July 27, 2017

He and his office were quick to get back to me and put my mind at ease. Well worth the money to ease my fear of losing my license.

This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.

Reduced to improper equipment
Posted by Prasad
July 20, 2017 

I would highly recommend Mr. Dixon for moving violations. His office is very responsive, easy to communicate and understanding. I was on a vacation to outer banks and got a speeding ticket on my way back. Mr. Dixon was able to get the best possible outcome, reduced to improper equipment with no points. Thank you!

Great attorney
Posted by Jason
July 18, 2017

I would highly recommend Dixon & Thompson for any moving violations. They had my ticket reduced to a city code violation (no points on my license or insurance) and I didn’t have to appear in court. Well worth the money!!!

Handling of Speeding Ticket for an Out-Of-Stater
Posted by Warren
July 13, 2017

My wife and I, who live in Virginia, were heading north on US 17 on Sunday, May 21 after visiting friends in New Bern. While in Beaufort County, I received a ticket for driving 69 mph in a 55 mph Zone which carried fine $218.00. Court Date set as Monday, July 31, 2017.

The speed limit had been 65 mph for a long stretch, but as the NC state trooper said when he pulled us over, the limit had been at 55 mph for some 20 miles – the change indicated by a large yellow sign and posted at intervals along the way.

I simply had failed to notice these speed limit signs – which is not an excuse, but just the reason for my higher speed. Normally, my wife might have caught the change but she has had vision problems, having major eye surgery some weeks earlier. As a result, she was riding with her eyes closed to avoid the bright daylight, although not asleep.

On May 23, I received the first of 11 letters from law firms practicing traffic law in Beufort County. All mentioned that my offense could result in points against my Virginia driver’s license and increased car insurance premiums. All 11 firms offered to handle my case for me so I did not have to appear in count. All indicated that they might be able to have the charges reduced so points and an insurance premium increase could be avoided.

I had the feeling that any of these firms could probably represent me reasonably well but delayed choosing one of them. I did not have time to appear in court personally myself so the alternatives were to either sign the citation and send it with the fine or to hire a local lawyer represent me. I was inclined to the latter but wanted to confirm that points and a premium increase were the likely result if I admitted to driving 14 miles over the limit by signing the citation.

I did nothing until June 14. After on-line research I selected 3 firms to possibly call. Dixon & Thompson was not included. However, I decided again to look over the materials from all 11 firms. This time I was most impressed by D & T’s mailing. Besides a good cover letter from Samuel Dixon, there was a color brochure about the firm and the consequences of receiving a speeding ticket in NC, and a Waiver of Appearance designating Dixon & Tompson Law, PPLC to represent me. This second impression of D & T’s solicitation compared to those from the other firms caused me to check D & T’s references on line and then decide to call them first.

I only got around to the call just before 5:00 pm on Friday, June 16. Because it was late in the day, I was expecting to reach an answering machine and ask that someone to contact me on Monday. However, Ms. Patty Bass, an admin assistant answered and was very gracious to talk with me despite the hour. She explained how they would proceed and their fee arrangement and that a Ms. Retha Fooks, a legal assistants, would follow up on our conversation.

Ms. Fooks emailed me early Monday, June 19, fully explaining how they would proceed and the info they needed from me. Based on this, I decided to engage the firm’s Samuel Dixon to handle my case.

It took some time to prepare my written statement of events leading up to the ticket and I only provided everything to Ms. Fooks on June 27. At the time, I thought it might be a couple of weeks before I heard back regarding my case, but to my surprise, Ms. Fooks emailed me back on Friday, June 30. It began:

“I am pleased we were able to successfully handle your case, Have a great weekend!”

It added that my ticket was reduced to a lesser violation and that I would not incur any points or increase in insurance premiums.

It turns out that the only individuals with whom I had contact at D & T were Ms Bass and Ms Fooks, which I think was due to the routine nature of my offense. Nonetheless, I feel both were very professional in dealing with me and great assets for D & T. My sincere thanks to them and others at D & T involved in my case.

Warren H.

Speeding Ticket
Posted by Jeff
June 17, 2017

Great customer service and worked with our payment info. They’re legal team reduced my speeding ticket to an equipment violation; no insurance increase and extra points added to my license. Hope I don’t need them again, but if I do, I know who to call.

Great service great people
Posted by Ron
June 7, 2017

I called Sam’s office in order to take care of an old speeding ticket of 17 years since I live in another state. Right of the bat the day I called they were curtious and quick to resolve my case. The receptionist who took my call took my information for it to Sam and he called back shortly saying he could probably get my ticket dismissed. I worked with Retha to get my paper work and she was quick to respond with any questions and very attentitive to my case. In under a week a 17 year ticket was dismissed and Sam had followed through with what he said he could do. Everyone was a pleasure to speak with from top to bottom and I highly recommend his firm.

Big Help
Posted by Brian
June 7, 2017

Mr Dixon was able to get a speeding ticket reduced to a city code, saving me from points on my drivers license and possible insurance increases. The receptionist was very polite and let me know all the information I would need to provide, and what they would do for me. They handled the matter very quickly as well.

The cost was very reasonable, especially since I am from out of state and it would have cost me both time and money to go down and appear in court.

“I am licensed in another state and received a speeding ticket. From my initial consultation Mr. Dixon handled my matter professionally and promptly. I was able to avoid missed time from work, but more importantly, my driving record was maintained. The fees were very reasonable.”

“Mr. Dixon’s reputation in fairly and excellently representing his clients made him my first choice as and when I have had need of his services in the past, as has been the case with traffic violations. I know him to be very busy in his practice, but he has always been mindful of his responsibilities to me and his other clients.”

“Sam Dixon has helped me with speeding tickets. He is very good. I will continue to use his services. He covers many counties and helps people going to and from OBX.”

“I found both Mr. Dixon and his staff quick to respond with courtesy and knowledge which gave me a feeling of comfort and confidence concerning my situation.”

“Attorney Samuel Dixon and his paralegal Ms. Swain provided positive results in the most expeditious manner possible! After completing the free online consultation form, I received a call back from Mr. Dixon on Christmas Eve, mere hours after I submitted the form on their website.”