Driving While Impaired (DWI)

Criminal Trial Lawyers

Driving While Impaired charges are very complex in North Carolina. There are mitigating factors involved which can affect the punishment from jail time to loss of driving privileges. It affects not only your license, but your life, your finances, and your ability to move about in society.

Don’t believe what you hear! Experience has taught us that handling DWI charges provide no clear cut solution. You may be involved in a trial that could test the accuracy of the tests and reasons for stopping to a negotiated plea with a District Attorney to reduce the impact of punishment.

In today’s society, if you are accused of driving while impaired, you owe it to yourself and your life to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. Sam Dixon takes seriously his ability to represent defendants in his home area of Eastern North Carolina.

Partner, Sam Dixon, has spent his entire life in service to the people of North Carolina. He travels throughout the state representing clients in capital murder cases. In addition he represents clients in all types of serious felony charges as well as misdemeanor crimes. His belief is that a good criminal lawyer has to understand all sides of the crime and bring into play a resolution that benefits his client.

“It is my job to make sure that all people charged with a crime have their rights protected to the fullest extent of the law. It is my responsibility to make sure that in the end the people making the decision of guilt or innocence hear all sides of the story. I am my client’s advocate seeking a resolution that is always in my client’s best interests. Without this our promise to our citizens of a fair and impartial trial has no meaning. This right afford us by our forefathers is perhaps the most valuable right we have.”