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Businesses are faced with many situations which present the potential for litigation or, unfortunately, end up in lawsuits. The situations may arise from contract disputes, changes of ownership, mistreatment of minority shareholders, non-compete clauses or business dissolution.

At Dixon & Thompson Law, we’ve helped people and businesses find and achieve solutions to complex problems. Often there are alternatives which are cheaper and quicker than full-blown lawsuits; sometimes those options are only available to clients because their lawyers are known as capable in the courtroom. We provide discrete counsel and will help you find options.

Insurance Disputes and Denials

Attorney Sanford Thompson has spent more than a decade with the largest insurance defense firm in North Carolina. Since 1992, he has advised and represented individuals and businesses with issues, claims or lawsuits against insurance companies and insurance agencies. Sanford Thompson has helped individuals and businesses:

  • Analyze all kinds of insurance coverage
  • Obtain insurance coverage
  • Enforce insurance contracts
  • Obtain life insurance benefits which were denied
  • Get full compensation for losses to property caused by fire, storms, hurricanes and theft
  • Have negligent insurance agents and agencies held responsible
  • Assisted in matters involving reservations of rights and declined coverage
  • Declaratory judgment lawsuits
  • Recover for unfair and deceptive trade practices and bad faith

Mr. Thompson has taken on the largest insurance companies represented by the largest law firms on behalf of his clients. He is frequently hired by other lawyers and law firms to provide advice on insurance and to act as lead counsel in lawsuits and claims regarding insurance. He has spoken many times at seminars teaching other lawyers about insurance matters.

People and businesses pay huge premiums to insurance companies expecting protection when there is a loss or claim. However when a claim is made, many insurance companies delay, reserve rights, or deny payment.

Insurance policies are very complicated. The policies are written by the insurance companies, and when there is a claim, the insurance companies often rely on loopholes and technicalities to deny benefits.

Insurance agents and agencies often promise anything to make a sale. However when a claim arises, people sometimes find out the insurance agents or agencies did not give proper advice or use care to make sure the policy provided the insurance benefits and protections promised.

Individuals and businesses can make claims against an insurance agent, agency or insurance company to seek protection and compensation. There are laws to protect insurance consumers. Unfortunately, those laws are complicated..

For more information about rights regarding a wrongful denial of life insurance, unfair or deceptive acts and practices by an insurance company, or insurance bad-faith claims, contact the insurance lawyers at Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC , today.

Bad Faith Denial of Insurance Claims; Negligent or Improper Claims Handling

Many people purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance to protect them and their families if they are seriously injured in a wreck by a driver who does not have enough liability insurance. Ironically, the insurance companies which sell this insurance often fight their own policyholders to prevent paying benefits. We have helped many clients get fair compensation from their uninsured or underinsured insurance.

We have advised many businesses in disputes with their own insurance companies. We have helped our clients make insurance companies pay to provide them a defense or pay to reimburse them for losses to property or business.

If you have been denied payment on life insurance policy, if an insurance company is stalling on payment of a claim or failing to defend you when they have an obligation to do so, call the insurance attorneys at Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC.